Established in 1974 as a part of Kyiv plant of Relays and Automatics the company then became an independent entity in 1989 as BETZ Bershadskiy  Electrotechnichniy  Zavod (Bershad Electrotechnical  Plant) in 1994 it became a joint-stock company.


The company  manufactures,  a wide  range  of products for industrial al and domestic use we

specialize in low voltage equipment our main product are various types  of relays, solenoids and

 electric  generators.


For almost half a century electronic products containing  our devices are being sold both domestically  and internationally  to over 30 countries  in various regions to the world, CIS countries,  Central and  Asia  East of Africa. Our devices are used in the equipment for power stations, nuclear power, ships, planes and space technology. 


The company also has its own  metal working  devision with equipment for machining, punching, electroplating inductor manufacturing and injection mouldinq. We are open for new projects and collaborations.


Welcome in BETZ.